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Hi, I'm Adam Bart

Ceramics is not only my profession, but also my passion. I create extraordinary things that make people smile; fantastic characters and scenes inspired not only by fairytales and stories told to me by my grandparents, but also by contemporary ones. I am sure you will find something for you in my store. I also invite you to visit my social media.

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My store is divided into several sections. Below you will find a list of sections with a brief presentation of what they contain and links. Once you are in my Etsy store, you can navigate between sections using the Etsy navigation.You can also go to the main page of the store using this button:


If you are a lover of unusual fairy tale and dream characters then this section is sure to please you.


Collectible art dolls with ceramic faces and hand-painted glass eyes. I make them together with my friend, Beata. I design, model the face, and paint the eyes, and Beata sews them for me and selects the accessories. Only 3-4 dolls per month are created


Here you will find dioramas with magical gardens and characters, as well as dioramas-lighthouses that will enchant you with magic when you put a lit candle in them.


This is a small section, I don't create clocks very often. But I promise I'll get around to making them eventually. My clocks feature a noiseless, smooth, non-ticking mechanism, which is important for people who are sensitive to clock ticking.


Here you will find pots and mugs with funny faces. These are great gifts for potted plant lovers. Oh, and for mug lovers too....


Here you will find small porcelain and ceramic ghost figurines, funny ghost portraits and other ghost-related figurines.


This section contains sculptures that do not fit into any other category. The best way is to look into it yourself and see what is in it....


Here you will find small miniature sculptures and figurines. Perfect for every lover of trinkets


Here you will find classic as well as conical incense holders.

To contact me, you can use this form, but a better way is to write to me directly on Etsy or Facebook Messenger.

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To contact me, you can use this form, but a better way is to write to me directly on Etsy or Facebook Messenger.